Washing tipsWashing tips

Washing tips for your motor gear

We never forget to give our bikes a service, but when it comes to our clothes… Unfortunately, they are often being forgotten when it comes to being cared for. But remember, a little love can’t hurt your helmet, jacket, pants, gloves or boots. To get you started our allround sales adviser Carit wrote down some necessary tips.

Step 1: Textile

Naturally, you want to enjoy the good attributes of your motorcycle clothing, such as waterproofness for example, for as long as possible. This requires care, you can do that in several ways. In any case, always make sure that you are well-prepared, such as having the right resources. A specific detergent for motorcycle clothing, for example. This is important, because it ensures complete cleaning, also of existing membranes. Don't be afraid to throw your jacket or pants in the washing machine, by the way. However, you do have to check the labels beforehand. That way you know which way of washing won’t damage your clothes. Always make sure to take the protectors off the clothes, because it is not smart to wash them. To make your clothes extra waterproof, impregnation is a very good option. This can be done during washing, with products such as Hey Sport Impra, but also afterwards with a specific impregnation spray. If you use that method, it is useful to use a hair dryer after the treatment. The heat creates wonderful adhesion.

Check the labelCheck the label

Step 2: Leather

You can’t put leather motorcycle clothing in the washing machine, so you have to go about the treatment another way. We advise you to use cleaning and conditioner wipes, as this is incredibly easy to do. A spray or leather grease is also possible. In any case, you must ensure that dirt disappears and then take care of the leather with conditioner, so the leather remains nice and supple. If you don’t continue riding during the winter, it’s smart to use that period to maintain your clothes. That way your gear is ready when the next season starts. If you ride a lot of kilometers in a year, it’s advisable to take some time off twice a year to take care of your clothes.

Leather careLeather care

Step 3: Helmets

Good sight is important, so the helmet and the accompanying visor should receive a little more attention than the clothing. There are many techniques, but a superb result can be achieved by using a helmet and visor spray, in combination with a microfiber cloth. This way the cleaning fluid can do its job well, on top of that are the chances of scratching your helmet are slim to none. A clean helmet is the end result, without affecting the different materials. Incidentally, it’s also smart to take the inner lining out of the helmet once or twice a year and wash it. This is again possible with a specific detergent for motorcycle clothing. That way you have a fresh lining in your helmet. When you wash the inner lining it also ensures that the cheek pads take their old shape and thus sit tighter around your head for the best fit and optimal safety.

Helmet careHelmet care

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