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Hepco & Becker Junior Topkoffer 55 Flash Glanzend Zwarte Panelen
Hepco & Becker Topkoffer 38 Gobi Zwart
Hepco & Becker Binnentas Junior TC 40/Journey TC 40/Alu-Standard Topkoffer 35
Hepco & Becker Junior Topkoffer 40
Hepco & Becker Junior Topkoffer 40
€215 €21861
Hepco & Becker Junior Topkoffer 55 Flash Zilveren Panelen
Hepco & Becker Xplorer 45 Zilver Topkoffer
€345 €40672
Hepco & Becker Xplorer 45 Zwart Topkoffer
€345 €42706
Hepco & Becker Orbit Topkoffer 54
Hepco & Becker Orbit Topkoffer 54
€215 €21861
Hepco & Becker Topkoffer Xplorer 60 Black 3
€495 €53891
Hepco & Becker Junior Topkoffer 55 Zwart
Hepco & Becker Xceed Zijkoffer 38 Links Zwart
Hepco & Becker Xceed Topkoffer 45 Zilver
€395 €42706
Hepco & Becker Xceed Topkoffer 45 Zwart
Hepco & Becker Topcase Xplorer 60 Zilver
€475 €50841
Hepco & Becker Inner bag Xceed topcase

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Sidi Cobra Gore-Tex Zwart Zwart
€19941 €29995
Dainese P. Amsterdam Zwart
€20695 €22995
Dainese Street Rocker D-WP Donkerbruin
€17095 €18995
Sidi Armada Gore-Tex Crossover
€22397 €31995
Noizezz Universal Filter Strong Oranje
€2250 €25
Brembo 17 RCS Hoofdremcilinder
€26490 €37268
Brembo 19 RCS Hoofdremcilinder
€26490 €37268

Why should I buy motorcycle top cases?

If you are considering buying motorcycle luggage and you want to make sure your baggage is protected. You should consider buying top cases, they often are watertight, have a solid construction and can be locked. And above all, they absorb impact and ground contact. Top cases are placed on a rack behind your seat. You should also take a look at side cases. They offer the same advantages as top cases, but like the name suggests they are mounted on the side of your bike. Prefer having your luggage on your back? Take a look at our backpacks.

What motorcycle top boxes does ChromeBurner have?

We offer the best top cases from brands like Hepco & Becker. The top cases we have in our product range are compatible with most of the luggage racks we sell. We made sure to stock luggage solutions for a lot of different brands and types of motorcycles. To make sure everybody can transport their belongings safely.

Why buy luggage at ChromeBurner?

Whether you’re going on a road trip with your friends or you ride your motorcycle on your daily commute, we have the right luggage for you! With the best offers, through our lowest price guarantee. Shipped worldwide, as fast as possible. If you still have questions or need some advice about the luggage we have in our product selection. Feel free to contact our motorcycle geeks at +1 646 770 1993 or support@chromeburner.com.